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Essentica is the largest high-technology, state-of-the-art plant for production of ethanol and its byproducts on the Balkans. The traditions and experience which we have acquired during the 130 years of our history are the foundations on which Essentica intends to build its future.

What distinguishes us is the precision and control we exercise over the production process in order to achieve continuous quality of our products. We accomplish that due to our experts' experience, the usage of quality grain raw materials, constant aspiration for technological innovations as well as expert insights into our customers' needs.

The ethyl alcohol produced by Essentica is used as an ingredient in a number of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical products and the distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) is well-known for its excellent nutritional qualities in a number of livestock farms in Bulgaria and abroad. With our products we have our place in your everyday life.

The essence of our business lies in innovations and modern technologies as well as providing long-term sustainable development for our clients and society as a whole. Our mission is to work for the benefit of our partners by offering them innovative, effective, high-quality solutions at low risk and guaranteeing our personal responsibility towards the end user.

Essentica believes that the path to achieving sustainable future includes the constant search for and development of our technologies and products as well as the potential of our experts. In 2009, the plant was entirely modernized with new technological equipment and modern computer technologies for process control.Making every endeavour to preserve the environment of the area, we have built a wastewater treatment plant as well as our own steam-generating unit running on biomass.

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