"As a result of the dollar's raising price during the last couple of months, we have observed higher interest towards Bulgarian ethanol and DDGS purchases by Turkish companies and farmers", stated Essentica's sales department. 

“At the moment the difference in the exchange rate gives a greater advantage to deliveries from Bulgaria”, says Sadka Mollayusein - Regional Sales Manager. For the Turkish manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, domestic chemistry and food and beverage additives it becomes highly profitable to trust the quality provided by Bulgarian producers such as Essentica. 

The seven column distillation of Essentica’s ethanol in combination with its European origin and our internationally-recognized European certificates give us competitive advantage and aid the acceptance of the Bulgarian ethanol on the Turkish market. Our Turkish partners are sure to rely on the frequency of our deliveries, the flexible logistic solutions, which in addition to the attractive pricing options, make Bulgaria a trusted and preferred supplier of such products.

“Traditionally, Turkish farmers are interested in purchasing Bulgarian DDGS, which in the current economic situation is highly advantageous for their livestock farms”, adds Mr. Mollayusein.