The EU crop yield forecast has been additionally revised down in the July issue of the JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring in Europe.

The reduced outlook mainly reflects the drier-than-usual conditions that occurred for more than one month in extensive areas of western, central and northern Europe, along with eastern Romania. 

Still, the yield forecast for most crops remains at or slightly above the mediocre five-year average.

Spring barley is now 14% below the five-year average after downward revisions in the July report for Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic Sea countries. The projection for sunflower experienced the most significant downward adjustment, falling 4% compared to June and ending up 5% below the five-year average due to deteriorated yield prospects in Romania.

According to the report, excess rainfall led to delayed harvesting and potentially reduced grain quality in western parts of Bulgaria and Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.