European ethanol has continued to deliver increased greenhouse-gas savings compared to fossil fuels in 2019, reaching an average level of 72.5%. 

The figure has increased consistently since 2011, when the production and use of fuel ethanol led to average emission savings of 49.6%. 

The data was released at the end of June by the European renewable ethanol association ePURE and covers the organisation’s members, which account for about 85% of renewable ethanol production in the EU.

According to ePURE’s  secretary-general Emmanuel Desplechin, ethanol’s greenhouse-gas reduction performance confirms its importance to the energy and climate strategies of the EU. He also said that the COVID-19 crisis has underscored the necessity of a strong EU ethanol industry that in addition to low-carbon fuel provides a domestic source of ethanol for disinfectants and of animal feed. 

Provided by Renewables Now exclusively for Essentica.

 Image by ePURE