The right nourishing feeding is one of the most important components of modern livestock breeding and it cannot be achieved without including fodder supplements in the animal feed.

DDGS (dried distillers grains) are an absolute hit among livestock farms in the USA and Turkey.Current data of the United Stated Department of Agriculture (SUDAN) indicate that DDGS is about to replace the popular soybean grouts as well as the different types of corn fodder.This is not a coincidence but the free market in action which establishes the better and cheaper product.

Our livestock farmers can use DDGS in their farms, which was produced in Bulgaria. It is produced after the ethanol is extracted from the fermented yeast.

DDGS are very good animal feed for livestock and pigs. Testing in Bulgaria undoubtedly indicates that feeding DDGS to the animals leads to increased milk yield, increased growth as well as easier animal impregnation.