The Netherlands and Norway bought record amounts of US ethanol in October, 24.2 million gallons (91.6 million litres) and 6.6 million gallons, respectively, according to the US Renewable Fuels Association. 

The Netherlands was the second-largest buyer after Canada. It was followed by South Korea, which imported 15 million gallons, the highest monthly amount this year. Among the large buyers were also India with 11.6 million gallons and Finland with 3.8 million gallons. 

The US ethanol industry hailed a return of exports to pre-pandemic levels as the volume in October, up 64% month-on-month at 126.5 million gallons, was the largest since March.   

US exports of dried distillers grains (DDGS) recorded a month-on-month fall of 18% to 951,500 tonnes in October, half of which was due to Japan. Strong exports continued to many Asian countries -- Vietnam’s purchases increased 4% to 130,128 tonnes, South Korea’s by 27% to 129,074 tonnes, Thailand’s by 68% to 85,230 tonnes, and Indonesia’s by 26% to 84,591 tonnes. Mexico was the largest customer with 180,650 tonnes.

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Image by Renewable Fuels Association.