Brazil's Centre-South ethanol producers have sold 1.36 billion litres (359.27 million gallons) of hydrous ethanol in the domestic market in January, a record for the period, marking a 51.77% year-on-year increase.

Anhydrous ethanol sales stood at around 763.87 million litres. From the start of the sugarcane harvest back in April 2017 and up until January, 22.22 billion litres were sold, according to local sugarcane industry association Unica.

The total volume of ethanol produced in the country's Centre-South region since the start of the havest was of 25.33 billion liters. Around 14.72 million litres of the biofuel were hydrous while 10.61 billion litres were anhydrous, according to Unica.

Article by Renewables Now: Brazil's Centre-South hydrous ethanol sales go up 52% y/y in Jan