Date of entry into force: 25th May 2018

This Website (the "Site") is owned and maintained by VP Brands International SA.

This Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies ("Policy") describes the different types of cookies and other technologies that may be used in connection with the websites and applications owned or controlled by VP Brands International SA and your rights arising from (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th April 2016. This Policy also describes how you can manage cookies and other technologies.

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Like many other websites, our site uses Cookies and Other Technologies (such as pixel labels, web beacons, clean GIF, email links, JavaScript, device IDs assigned by Google, or Apple, or similar technologies). Cookies and Other Technologies allow us and third parties to receive information about your visits on the Site, including an analysis of your visit patterns. We use this information to process your inquiries or orders and provide online and mobile ads, messages and content about us and others which are in accordance with your interests.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or on your mobile device ("device") when you visit a website. Cookies themselves cannot be used to disclose your identity, although in some cases we may bind cookies with personal data you have provided us or otherwise have received for you. Cookies can be used on the Site to improve your experience. We will use cookies, for example, to:

  • remember your username and password for future visits in order for you to enter easier and faster;
  • remember your language and your other preferences;
  • ensure that you receive all requested information;
  • provide a safe and secure service;
  • we monitor your response to ads and website content and analysis apps and the number of times we sent you the same ad;
  • we measure how many people use the Site and how they do so in order to maintain its speed and effectiveness; and
  • we and others can provide you with communication and content that matches your interests and location.

There are two kinds of cookies - permanent and temporary (session cookies). Below are the different types of cookies that can be used on the site.

Session cookies are temporarily stored on your computer when you visit our Site but are deleted when you close the page. These types of cookies are only stored temporarily during a session in your browser and are deleted from your device when you close your browser. We use session cookies to maintain the functionality of the Site and understand how you use it, such as which pages you visit, which links you use, and how long you stay on each page.

Permanent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile device for a longer period of time or until you delete them. These cookie types are not deleted when you close the browser. Every time you visit the Site, the server that set the cookie will recognize the permanent cookie on your device. We and others use permanent cookies to store your preferences to be available on your next visit in order to have a more accurate idea of how often you visit the Site, how often you return, how your use of the Site changes over time, and the performance of ads.

Except for the cookies required for the operation of our site, we only store cookies on your device with your consent. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can adjust your browser settings - for more information about this, go to the end of this document.

Compulsory (necessary) cookies

They are necessary for the normal provision of our services. The compulsory cookies are necessary for the operation of the site and allow you to navigate through it, as well as to use its services and functions. Disabling these cookies may make the services and features unavailable. Without them, we will not be able to recognize you and then you will not have access to our services. They help us to comply with our Terms and Conditions and to maintain the security of our services. Often, compulsory cookies are permanent. They are used to allow you to switch from one site to another without having to re-enter information. The use of these cookies does not require your consent - it is implied by the very fact of using our site.

Efficiency and functionality cookies

These cookies are not required to access and use the website, but allow us to personalize your online experience while using our website. We use Functional Cookies to capture your site settings - such as those for your language preferences. By doing so, we remember your preferences, so you do not have to enter the information you have already provided, for example, when you enter your data to access our services. We also collect information about how our users use our services so that we can improve our site and services and conduct market research. We also use "Flash Cookies" for part of our animated content. If you choose to delete these cookies, you may have limited functionality for our services.

Advertising cookies allow us and other advertisers to show you the most appropriate products, offers and ads on the Site and on third-party sites, or through emails or other message platforms. For example, some Ad Cookies help our service providers and other advertisers, when using the services, to select ads based on your interests, including the interests you have demonstrated or implied by visiting our websites or apps, or other web sites, online services and applications over time. Others prevent the same ad from appearing permanently. These types of cookies also help us provide you with site content that suits your interests and needs.

As mentioned below, some analytical cookies and other technologies are partly used to support the advertising process.

  • Ad cookies also include social network add-on cookies. Social add-on cookies are used to share content from the site with social networking members such as but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest, as well as others. These cookies are usually set by the social network provider to facilitate and simplify sharing.
  • Analytical cookies collect information on how you use the Site and allow us to improve its performance. These cookies provide us with aggregated information that we use to track Site performance, count page visits, understand how users use the Site, and evaluate ad performance (including emails that we have sent to you).
  • Other technologies may be used for the same purposes as our cookies to allow us and third parties to understand when you visit the Site and how you interact with emails or advertisements. Other technologies can receive non-confidential data (such as your operating system, your browser version, and the URL you are logged in from), or aggregate information, and be used to improve your work and understand web traffic patterns.

Please note that to the extent that personal information is collected by cookies and other technology, the privacy policy applies and supplements this policy. Note that we do not currently receive "don’t track" alerts and others of this type.


We and third parties are engaged in Internet-based advertising provided by vendors in order to receive the ads and personalized content that we and other advertisers believe to be of interest to you. To the extent that third parties use cookies and other technologies to perform these services, we do not control the use of this technology or the resulting information on online, mobile or email ads, and we are not responsible for the actions or policies of these third parties. Ads, emails, and other messages may be delivered to you depending on your behaviour online or through a mobile device, search activity, your geographic location, or other third-party information. Certain ads may appear on our sites, on third-party websites, or on mobile platforms. You may also be able to see third-party ads on the Site or other websites or sites, or in mobile apps, depending on your visits and activity on the Site or other sites, or in mobile apps from us or third parties. We and some of our providers may use our own or third-party aggregated or anonymised personal information, demographics, and other implied commercial interests to make our ads easier for us to provide you. As noted in our Privacy Policy, in some cases we may combine other data with personal information. If we combine any other information with personal information, we will apply the provisions of the Privacy Policy as a complement to this Policy.


We and our business partners use third parties to find out determinate or probable connections between different devices (such as smartphones, tablets, and computers) to provide you with more relevant ads, as well as for ads analysis and reporting purposes. This means that information about your website or app use on your current device can be combined with information from other devices. We may also share this information and other findings with third parties to enable them to target ads, personalize content, or analyse behaviour. For example, this allows the ads you see on your tablet to be based on the activities that you participate in on your smartphone.

These business partners can share and combine information from cookies with identifiers (such as IDs assigned by Google or Apple) and IP addresses to create connections between connected devices. This also enables a more personalized experience when using our services and applications.

To unsubscribe from our providers to connect to different devices, go to: and unsubscribe globally from any browser and device you want. "Unsubscribe" means that the browser on the device you are unsubscribing will no longer receive interest-based ads based on information gathered on the connected devices, that the devices connected to it will no longer receive interest-based ads on the basis of information gathered from the unsubscribed device, and that the provider will not transmit the data collected from the unsubscribed device to third parties. If we continue to work with providers to connect different devices that have their own “unsubscribe” option and for which the DAA “unsubscribe” option does not apply as described above, we will link to their own “unsubscribe” options.

Third Party Cookies

We also use third-party cookies as part of our services. These cookies are managed by the respective sites and are not controlled by us. We may also use some authorized third parties to place cookies during your visits to our site for the purposes of the services they provide to us. Below are the third-party services we use, some of which can be excluded using the general settings of that browser, and others need to visit the relevant sites. They all use different cookies.

Google Analytics 360 и Google Analytics

A leading tool for collecting user behaviour information for the purposes of measuring our site. We consider its use to be of legitimate interest. Detailed information about the cookies used as well as the privacy policy can be found on the official sites of Google Analytics 360 и Google Analytics.


The social network provides a number of additional services related to measuring site visitors' activities, selecting, delivering and measuring ad performance on the web, personalizing users based on their behaviour, for advertising purposes, and more. Information about cookies used by Facebook can be found here: , and Facebook's privacy policy here:

Social media

Your access to social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Tweeter, and more requires separate registration and acceptance of the general terms and conditions of these sites. We are not responsible for protecting your privacy when accepting these terms and conditions. Please take a closer look at the general terms and conditions of these sites.


The site uses Social Plugins, which are software components that add additional capabilities to your Internet browser, in accordance with their terms and registration.


Keep in mind that rejecting cookies may affect the ability to perform certain transactions on the site, as well as our ability to recognize your browser every time you visit.

Your rights

If you have permitted the processing of your personal data by us, you have the following options at any time:

  • access to personal data and information related to its processing;
  • deletion, modification or erasure of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016; These options can be exercised by sending an e-mail to: [email protected] or by sending a letter to postal address: Plovdiv 4003, 5 Dunav Blvd., VP Brands International SA.

Contacts for questions

If you have any questions about the way we process your personal data or related issues, please contact us in one of the following ways: by sending an email to [email protected] or by sending letter to postal address: Plovdiv 4003, 5 Dunav Blvd., VP Brands International SA.