Who we are

Essentica Company

Essentica is the name of one of the largest producers of ethyl alcohol, grain distillate and DDGS on the Balkans. The traditions and experience which we have acquired during the 130 years of our history are the foundations on which Essentica is building its future. 

In our work we seek synergy between great experience and the search for innovative solutions by means of new technological solutions and constant investment in R&D.

Essentica brings together hundreds of professionals for the realization of one idea - to work together, to co-operate and pass on their experience and training to each other in order to achieve synergy with our partners and clients and seek innovation and development in all directions. Essentica is the company of the innovators, of the brave young people, integration and constant development. 

High Standards
Thinking outside the box

Our Values

We work and develop ourselves adhering to the core values of the brand:

  • Commitment - we are committed to you and your business, to every promise we make to you and then keep
  • Innovation - innovativeness in every aspect of our relations with partners and the management of business processes
  • Passion - for the product, for innovation, for a better way of doing business
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Consistency - uncompromisingly high standards of products and service

Our Mission

  • To contribute to the sustainable development of the market by using renewable resources
  • To work towards developing and implementing innovative solutions in every aspect of the business
  • To create a business model, which provides the best products, by means of developing the relationships with our partners in an exciting new way
  • To contribute to the professional and personal development of the employees of the company