Ethanol is a product derived from natural resources and it is produced through the process of fermentation of the sugars in different grains. We buy wheat and corn exclusively from local producers and the crops are grown without GMOs. Essentica's production cycle is closed and there are no waste products. The production technology of our products is based on strictly-controlled production processes. We monitor each stage of these processes in order to ensure the high quality of the product. This guarantees impeccable and consistent quality.

The produced high-quality ethanol has alcohol content of minimum 96%, excellent organoleptic properties and it meets the requirements and indexes of the European standard.

Our special focus is on the most important stage of ethanol production, the distillation, which we achieve by utilizing a seven-column distillation unit. The operation and control of this state-of-the-art distillation unit are entirely computerized aiming to provide the best possible quality of the main product - pure ethanol.


Constant investment in the development and upgrading of our production infrastructure is an integral part of our annual business plan and the foundation for our future development. Some of our latest projects that make us proud are the construction of a wastewater treatment plant as well as our own steam-generating unit running on biomass.

Distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) is an important co-product from production in Essentica. The DDGS we produce does not contain any GMOs; it is rich in proteins and fibers and it is a great source of energy.

Essentica's main goal is to find innovative technological solutions that will contribute to the sustainable development of the industries we work with. Our production process is constantly developed by our R&D department and it is also managed and controlled by highly-qualified technologists who are experts in fermentation and distillation processes. All these factors alongside the use of modern state-of-the-art technologies guarantee the excellent properties of our ethanol which make it a competitive ingredient for the production of beverages and other products of the highest quality, at the same time meeting the moststrict criteria for product safety.

Market requirements constantly challenge us to develop our professional potential as experts in the production process. Combining constant technological innovations and teamwork with our clients allows us to find together the best solutions to their needs and different ways of using the products.