Dimitar Rupchev

Dimitar Rupchev

Sales Director
When did you start working for Essentica? What do you do at the company? What does your job at Essentica give you?

I started working for the company in January 2007. My responsibilities include selling unbottled products and developing current and new markets and client accounts. My job at Essentica brings me new experiences and the opportunity for professional development in a highly-effective modern company.

What are your personal contribution and your department's contribution to Essentica?

Generally, sales are always a challenge for every company.The most important thing for me and our team is to always be positive and to contribute the best we can to the achievement of the company's goals, particularly by selling 100% of the company's products and maintaining excellent relationships with our clients because, after all, our team is the face of the company in front of the world.

What do you most like doing in your free time?

I like doing sports and having fun with friends.