Ivan Dobrev

Ivan Dobrev

Plant Manager
When did you start work in Essentica? What are you engaged with in the company? What does working in Essentica give you?

I started working at Essentica in 2003. Since then I have gone through a lot of positions and responsibilities: distiller, shift supervisor, senior supervisor and currently I am a factory leader. For all these years, the company has not stopped modernizing and expanding, and I'm sure it will continue in that direction. The dynamics that lead these changes fit perfectly with my personal characteristic and it gives me true work satisfaction.

How do you contribute to Essentica?

We are the people directly involved with the production of the brand assortment. Those, who are all year round 24 hours a day due to the continuous cycle of work. It is our responsibility always and within time to produce our products accurately, without any deviations in quality.

What do you like best doing in your spare time?

I love nature and the time I spend outdoors.