Kalin Gospodinov

Kalin Gospodinov

Export Area Sales Manager
When did you start work in Essentica? What are you engaged with in the company? What does working in Essentica give you?

I started work at the beginning of the summer of 2015, and I am still the newest member of the team. I take care of the development and sales of the company in Greece and Cyprus, my responsibility is our relations with present and future customers from that region. Essentica provides me with mechanisms for accomplishing my objectives, an opportunity to improve my skills and self-confidence because I am working among some of the best professionals in the trade.

How do you and your department contribute to Essentica?

Everyone makes a personal contribution to the company in order for us all to ensure the realization of everything we produce. I strive to build trust in our partners in the products and services we offer, to establish long-lasting and sustainable relations between us. 

What do you like best doing in your spare time?

I like doing sports, reading and relaxing in nature.