Sadka Mollayusein

Sadka Mollayusein

Export Area Sales Manager
When did you start working for Essentica? What do you do at the company? What does your job at Essentica give you?

I joined Essentica in June 2014. I am responsible for DDGS sales and market development in Greece and Turkey. I am also responsible for the market development of ethyl alcohol in Turkey. My job in Essentica gives me the opportunity to further develop my skills of a salesperson by developing the specific markets which are my responsibility.

What are your personal contribution and your department's contribution to Essentica?

Every salesperson in our department has personally contributed to the successful sales of the produced DDGS and ethyl alcohol on current and new markets.

What do you most like doing in your free time?

I love nature and hiking in the most beautiful places of the Rhodopi Mountains.