Vladislav Arsenov

Vladislav Arsenov

Marketing Manager
When did you start work in Essentica? What are you engaged with in the company? What does working in Essentica give you?

I started work in Essentica in April 2015 as a Marketing Manager. To my great fortune and luck I found a wonderful team of young professionals passionately devoted to their work. Instantly, their enthusiasm and the desire to succeed passed on to me as well.

How do you and your department contribute to Essentica?

Our ambition is to present to the professional audience the vision of Essentica for responsible and sustainable development. We strive to create a new image to the branch, to encourage good competition and to lay the foundations of a new and modern type of relations among all market players. Our long-term goal is to rank among the leading European manufacturers deserving the greatest confidence.

What do you like best doing in your spare time?

I spend my spare time with my family, meet friends, read, listen to music.