The founder and chief executive of US ethanol producer Poet LLC is confident that both US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton understand the importance of ethanol and biofuels.

Jeff Broin said so in an interview with Iowa publication The Des Moines Register. Iowa is the largest producer of ethanol in the US.

Broin said the ethanol industry has worked closely with the two candidates to explain the benefits of ethanol and other biofuels for air quality, vehicles and farmers.

Both Trump's and Clinton's positions on ethanol have mostly been welcomed by ethanol groups, The Des Moines Register said, but recent developments have caused some uncertainty. There were reports in August saying Clinton would seek to change the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) because of a meeting of an aide with her office that included discussions of the RFS. These were refuted by her campaign. Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, published a fact sheet proposing a repeal of a key element of the RFS but later said it was an error.

The RFS mandates that growing amounts of biofuel are blended into transport fuel in the US.


Provided by SeeNews exclusively for Essentica.