The City of Hollywood, South Florida, has partnered with Protec Fuel Management LLC to run its Flex Fuel capable vehicles on E85, the high ethanol blend.

Protec said it worked with the city management to design a customised, turnkey solution to meet the needs of its fleet. This included an assessment of the current fleet and fuel usage, and checks of the existing equipment in the City's fuel yard. Two Wayne dispensers have been installed to replace outdated equipment.

“Typically over a year we can lock-in E85 at a significant discount below the price of gasoline, which is always fluctuating. Over time that is a game changer for City budgets,” said Andrew Greenberg, CEO of Protec.

Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy explained that gasoline is delivered to the area by cargo ship, and severe weather or a hurricane could delay shipments. Thus, by diversifying fuel delivery and incorporating rail-transported ethanol, the city will be storm-ready.

Article by Renewables Now: City Of Hollywood chooses E85