The EU General Court has annulled antidumping duties on US ethanol imports, US industry bodies the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and Growth Energy said, welcoming the June 9 ruling.

The EU imposed a countrywide 9.5% antidumping duty on US ethanol in February 2013.

The five-year antidumping duty of USD 83.03 (EUR 73.77) per ton was determined invalid because the European Commission was supposed to give each sampled US firm its own antidumping rate, but instead it based its countrywide rate on all parties without proper sampling for most of them, the RFA and Growth Energy said in a statement welcoming the decision.

The organisations said the antidumping duty had effectively shut out US ethanol producers from the European market, which had previously represented a 300-million-gallon (1.14 billion litre) market for the US industry.

The EU has about two months to file an appeal.