Finnish energy company St1 Nordic Oy recently announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ubon Bio Ethanol Company Ltd for a pilot project in Thailand that will produce bioethanol from cassava waste.

St1 ultimately aims to set up a joint venture for ethanol production in the Asian country and is looking at building as many as 20 plants using its Etanolix technology, targeting a combined capacity of 400 million litres (106 million gallons) of ethanol per year.

The launch of the pilot project is scheduled for this year. St1's parner, Ubon Bio Ethanol, is the largest producer of cassava ethanol in Thailand, according to the announcement.

Thailand now uses more than 3 million litres of ethanol per day as transport fuel, and the government plans to increase that to 11.3 million litres by 2036, St1 noted.