French company FlexFuel Energy Development (FEED) has agreed to partner with diagnostic and car maintenance specialist SPEEDY for the commercialisation and installation of its E85 conversion box.

SPEEDY’s network includes almost 500 locations in France. Now FEED will have access to over a thousand locations in the country, it said on announcing the deal in mid-January. It noted that demand for E85 conversion boxes is growing and sales in recent months have increased eightfold.

E85 conversion boxes allow petrol-powered engines to also run on Superethanol-E85. In the middle of 2018, the French authorities approved the first model of a locally produced E85 conversion box. About 10 million vehicles are E85 conversion box-ready, according to sector estimates.

The president of SPEEDY, Eric Terenfenko, praised FEED’s product for its positive impact both on the environment and on the budgets of car users.

The French government recently lifted the minimum mandatory share of biofuels blended into regular motor vehicle fuel to 7.9% in 2019 and 8.2% in 2020.


Provided by Renewables Now exclusively for Essentica.