Thailand-based ethanol producer Mae Sod Clean Energy (MCE) plans to reach full capacity by 2021, producing some 260,000 litres of ethanol daily, the Bangkok Post reports, citing a company official.

MCE was set up back in 2009 by Thai firms Padaeng Industry Plc, Thai Oil Plc and Mitr Phol Biofuel Co to operate an ethanol plant in Mae Sot district, on the border with Myanmar, producing 100,000 litres per day. Production at the site doubled by 2012. The plant is now expected to produce 240,000 litres of ethanol per day in 2019, which will respond to a 90% capacity utilisation rate.

The sugar cane needed for the full capacity utilisation plan is expected to be around 1 million tonnes, according to the report. The Bangkok Post cited MCE’s finance and administration manager Chonnee Nuabut as saying that there would be enough locally grown sugar cane to meet demand. Sugar cane supply contracts with local farmers near the ethanol plant have already been signed in support of MCE’s efforts to reach maximum capacity.


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