E10 fuel, the type of gasoline that contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, is increasing its spread in Europe.

In April, Austria, Ireland and Norway joined the list of European countries making E10 available at petrol pumps. Poland is also considering the launch of E10 in May. 

This means motorists can now buy E10 at petrol stations in 17 EU countries plus the UK and Norway. In the UK, bioethanol sales in 2022 jumped 60% year-on-year as the country made E10 fuel the standard sold at pumps at the end of 2021. Bioethanol's share of motor spirit increased by 2.4 percentage points to 7.8%.

According to David Carpintero, Director General of the European renewable ethanol association ePURE, more countries could benefit from adopting E10 to boost renewables in transport, as this fuel can be used in existing infrastructure and works in virtually all petrol and hybrid cars on the road today. Carpintero asserted that crop-based biofuels “are the most immediate, cost-effective, sustainable and socially inclusive emissions-reduction solution the EU has."

Some countries such as France are seeing large interest in the E85 blend along with a growing share of E10. According to the French bioethanol association SNPAA, consumption of E85 in 2022 surged 83% as more French drivers opted to go greener and cheaper. The increase reflects rising consumption, more E85 stations, and greater demand for converter boxes and flex-E85 vehicles. E85 accounted for 6.5% of the gasoline market.