Three new bioethanol plants will start work in the Philippines this year, boosting the country’s production capacity by 100 million litres, according to data by the Sugar Regulatory Authority (SRA).
Cavite Biofuels Producers Inc will be opening a plan that will use cane to produce 40 million litres of bioethanol annually. In addition, two new molasses-based plants will be operated by Absolut Distillery and Emperador Distillery.
The SRA says that once these are operational, the country will have total of 11 bioethanol facilities with a combined capacity of 322 million litres. This would be enough to meet 80% of the E10 mandate for gasoline fuels sold in the Philippines.
The Manila Bulletin quoted SRA administrator Regina Martin as saying that the main challenges for the local sugarcane industry in 2016 will include the severe weather conditions resulting from El Nino, as well as the ASEAN Free Trade Area and declining farming activity.
Provided by SeeNews exclusively for Essentica.