The US Grains Council (USGC), an exports-focused trade group, is working to create a market in southeastern Mexico for US distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and recently unveiled initial sales after positive feeding trials.

USGC says that unlike northern Mexico, DDGS is a new product for the southeastern region of the country, which has an estimated seven million cattle. It started DDGS feeding trials in 2015 for calves, heifers and dairy cattle in the state of Chiapas, which, the organisation said, resulted in increased milk production, better body condition scores and improved fertility.

The most recent presentation of the trial results in Chiapas, has led to 50 tonnes of DDGS sales. While this is a small amount, USGC expects it will build on the initial success following additional DDGS feeding trials underway in Yucatan, Tabasco and Veracruz.


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