US company Avapco LLC has secured funding from the US government in support of a project that involves the production of ethanol from biomass, which is then turned into jet fuel.

The award from the US Energy Department (DOE) amounts to USD 3.7 million (EUR 3.55m). Georgia-based Avapco will develop a demonstration-scale integrated biorefinery that combines its biomass-to-ethanol process with the alcohol-to-jet process of project partner Byogy. Thus, the two companies will be producing jet fuel from woody biomass.

On December 28 DOE announced that it would provide USD 12.9 million in federal funding for six bioenergy projects, Avapco’s among them. The projects can compete for phase 2 funding, to be awarded in 2018. Additional federal funds will be awarded based on the progress achieved up to then and the developers’ ability to secure funds to cover 50% of the total project cost.


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