The European renewable ethanol association (ePURE) in early September said its members produced over 5.8 billion litres of ethanol in 2018 and noted that more than 99% of feedstocks used were of European origin.

The 35 members have production capacities of 6.5 billion litres, or 73% of the EU’s total. Last year, ethanol from corn accounted for 43% of the ePURE members’ output, followed by wheat with a share of 26%, and sugar with 21%.

About 82% of the ethanol these companies produced was for fuel use. The remaining 18% are split equally between ethanol for industrial use, and ethanol for food and beverages.

Based on Eurostat data, the association said imports of ethanol in 2018 have reached 618 million litres. The volume of duty-free imports has increased to 352 million litres from 305 million litres in 2017. Pakistan and the US were the top importers with volumes of 127 and 101 million litres in 2018, respectively. Guatemala, Brazil, Russia and Paraguay are also significant importers.

ePURE members also produced 4.2 million tonnes of GMO-free animal feed.

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