US ethanol exports dropped 35% month-on-month in August to 50.1 million gallons (189.6 million litres), the lowest monthly volume in more than two years, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) said, commenting on government data.
Most of the exports were shipped to Canada (43%) and Tunisia (25%). Overall, 10 countries, including also China, the Philippines, South Korea and Mexico, accounted for 90% of exports, the analysis showed last week.
Exports of undenatured ethanol for fuel stood at 26.2 million gallons in August, 44% lower than in July, while denatured ethanol fuel exports fell 24% to 20.1 million gallons, the lowest since August 2010.
Between January and August 2015, total US ethanol exports amounted to 564.5 million gallons.
The US imported 15.7 million gallons of fuel ethanol in August after months of near zero imports. The vast bulk of the imports for the month, or 97%, came from Brazil.
US exports of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS), a ethanol co-product used as animal feed, declined 6% from a record high in July, down to 1.28 million tonnes. China, a major trading partner, pulled back in August, the RFA said, reducing its share in US exports to about 50%, compared to 65%-74% in recent months. This has been compensated for thanks to sizable growth in exports to Southeast Asia, the UK and the Middle East.