George Puftiyski – shift supervisor.

Mr. Puftiyski, tell us more about your education and your position in the company?

I have graduated my higher education at the Agricultural University in Plovdiv, specialty Biotechnologies. I have started working in the company as shift supervisor. My duties are to organize the operator’s work, the tasks and of course most important duty is to control strictly the quality and the end production.

In fact I am responsible for almost all processes after the raw material passes through the grain base and laboratory.

Which are the key places in your work as shift supervisor?

These are the strict control of the process, the obligatory following of the technology and the adequate reaction when inadequacy occurs.

What are the most common problems which can come out in the working process and requires your participation, in order to overcome them?

There are always different situations which can occur during the working process, but most common that I have come across are, for example decline in power, which unfortunately we cannot predict  or control, because we are provided with this service by external company. In this case, it is followed by line of problems, because every process is connected to each other. In a way this makes the working environment very uncomfortable, because main priority of the production and the company are speed and quality. Due to this reason we are always searching for new ways to optimize all processes and the quality.

As you mentioned optimization, what are the innovations that are implemented at the factory?

Everything is quite interesting and things are always changing – here at the factory we are constantly developing and implementing new technologies with various applications. The last thing we are moving towards is using entirely bio fuel for the caldrons, some already are functioning only with straw and a wooden chip, which is not only eco pure, is also more profitable. Our purifying installation, which reuses the water and this reduces the used resources and so on.

You have degree as biotechnologist, in what type of production can you participate and how did everything you learned at the university helped you?

Biotechnologist is useful in big number of productions, where there are living organisms, microorganisms or fermentation process. Of course, all knowledge gained at the university is valuable, but the real working environment is an excellent teacher, because each one is exclusively different and various as in duties and possibilities.  One of the new things, which I faced in my work, was the spirt distillation.  This is new challenge for me and it definitely covers my job requirements that I had.

Does that mean you have the chance to try new things and to improve yourself?

Of course, on every day basis we have the ability to experiment, with the support of the chief technologist, in order to improve not only the working process and the outcome product, but also ourselves as professionals.