Alliance BioEnergy Plus Inc (OTCMKTS:ALLM) last week released test results as part of its efforts to develop a bolt-on cellulosic ethanol technology that would allow existing corn ethanol plants to process their own distillers grains and corn kernel fibre into cellulosic ethanol.

Steady State testing conducted at its laboratories and pilot facility, Ek Laboratories, has shown that its cellulose-to-sugar process adds nearly 12 million gallons (45.4 million litres) of cellulosic ethanol to a typical corn ethanol plant with an annual capacity of 100 million gallons, the company claims. This is when the technology is paired with Harvest Technology’s CoPro Max separation unit.

The combined system allows an existing corn ethanol plant to enter the mandated cellulose ethanol market at a low capital cost, Alliance BioEnergy says.

It plans to install the first unit at an existing ethanol plant this year and to start marketing the combined system in the US by the fourth quarter of 2016.

Alliance BioEnergy controls the cellulose conversion technology through a master license agreement with the University of Central Florida.

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