UK biofuel consumption in road transport dropped by 17.1% last year compared to 2014, with biodiesel use slumping 30%, government statistics showed today.

Bioethanol consumption recorded a smaller 2.1% decline and as a result became the leading biofuel with a 54% share, reversing the 2014 mix, when biodiesel contributed the largest share of biofuel consumption.

According to the figures, the UK consumed 1,464 million litres (386.7 million gallons) of liquid biofuels last year, including 795 million litres bioethanol and 669 million litres biodiesel.

Bioethanol accounted for 4.6% of motor spirit, and biodiesel for 2.3% of total diesel. Their combined share of petrol and diesel consumption shrank to 3.2%, down by 0.7 percentage points on 2014.

In the 2015 fourth quarter the consumption of liquid biofuels in road transport fell 4.2% to 413 million litres. Bioethanol consumption was down 2% to 198 million litres, the lowest fourth-quarter level in four years.