While distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS), a byproduct of ethanol production, are better known for their use in livestock feed, they can also be used in food for pets such as dogs.

The US Grains Councils recommends dietary inclusion rates for DDGS of up to 10% in the diet of growing puppies and up to 25% in the diet of adult dogs depending on their age and activity levels. According to the organisation, due to their availability and relatively low cost, DDGS have large potential for greater use in feeds for animals like dogs, horses and rabbits.

According to a research by the Federal University of Parana in Brazil examining the effects of different levels of inclusion of DDGS in diets for dogs, the addition of DDGS reduces diet digestibility but this effect can be attenuated by supplementing the meal with the enzyme xylanase. The research also found that the inclusion of 180 grams DDGS per kg increases the palatability of the diets for dogs.

The pet industry is seen growing from USD 320 billion currently to almost USD 500 billion by 2030, based on a March 2033 report by Bloomberg Intelligence, with the pet food market potentially expanding by 52% over this period to more than USD 135 billion.