The members of the European renewable ethanol association (ePURE), operating roughly 50 plants in EU countries, produced 5.6 billion litres of ethanol in 2019, compared to 5.8 billion litres in 2018. 

Last year, ePURE members operated at 87% of their 6.45 billion litres of installed capacity, while in 2018 they operated at 89% of 6.51 billion litres of installed capacity. 

The total EU installed capacity increased to 9.89 billion litres from 8.9 billion litres in 2018, figures released by ePURE at the start of September show.  

ePure members accounted for some 85% of the EU’s renewable ethanol output in 2019. The statistics show 82.3% of ePURE ethanol production was for fuel use, 9.2% for food and beverages and 8.5% for industrial use. The share of ethanol produced from corn was 48.6%, an increase from 43% in 2018. Wheat was the feedstock for 21.1% of output and sugars for 19.3%. 

Ethanol imports to the EU doubled in 2019 to 1.29 billion litres.  

The ePURE members also produced 5.33 million tonnes of co-products, of which 3.83 million tonnes of animal feed.

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Image by ePURE