Renewable ethanol from ePURE members in 2022 achieved a record-breaking reduction of over 78% in greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions compared to fossil fuels, the European renewable ethanol association said recently.

This is the 11th year in a row, in which production and use of ethanol from ePURE members improves its performance in carbon dioxide (CO2) abatement.

The association stressed on the importance of domestic production of EU renewable ethanol for Europe’s food security, energy independence and transport decarbonisation goals.

“Every year ePURE members improve their production processes with solutions that aren’t just on the drawing board but already deliver results now – including capture of biogenic CO2 and increased production of food, feed and fuel,” said ePURE Director General David Carpintero. 

ePURE groups 21 producing companies with around 50 refineries across the EU and UK. Together they account for about 85% of EU renewable ethanol production.

According to the data, the ePURE members again produced more food and feed co-products (5.9 million tonnes) than renewable ethanol (4.5 million tonnes). In addition, they delivered 1.1 million tonnes of captured CO2.