The production and use of renewable ethanol from EU producers continued to achieve greater emissions savings in 2023, with an average reduction of 79.1% compared to fossil fuels. According to newly certified data, this marks the twelfth year in a row that EU renewable ethanol has improved its greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction performance. 

Back in 2011 this figure was 49.6%. 

The European renewable ethanol association ePURE, which groups 20 companies with around 50 refineries across the EU and UK, said the progress in emission savings demonstrates the industry continuing innovation in cutting emissions and enhancing sustainability.

The report comes as the EU prepares for a new mandate. “The strategic value of European ethanol biorefineries has never been clearer,” David Carpintero, director general of ePURE, said, adding that the industry contributes to key EU strategic goals, including climate action, energy independence, food security and industrial and agricultural autonomy.  

 ePURE said its members again produced more food than fuel, delivering 6.5 million tonnes of food and feed co-product.