The production and use of more ethanol in India will allow the country to achieve even greater import savings, prime minister Narendra Modi said on Friday at an event to mark World Biofuel Day in New Delhi.

Ethanol blending into petrol led to INR 40 billion (EUR 507m) in import savings last year, and the government aims to lift the number to about INR 120 billion in four years, according to Modi’s speech.

The prime minister said that there are plans for 12 modern biorefineries in the country.

In India, 1.41 billion litres of ethanol is estimated to have been blended into petrol in the 2017-18 ethanol supply year, up from 380 million litres in 2013/14, the office of the prime minister said on Twitter. In the addition to contributing to reduced import dependency on crude oil, biofuels can benefit the environment and Indian farmers, the office notes.


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