An EU-wide poll has shown 69% of people think that conventional biofuels made from crops should be encouraged, with 15% believing they should not. About 16% have no opinion.

Commenting on the survey last week, the German Bioethanol Industry Association (BDBe) noted that while the majority of Germans (61%) support the use of biofuels, consumer attitude is more positive in France (73%). It pointed to a lack of information as the poll has shown that consumers in France are better informed about the climate benefits of bioethanol. BDBe also said that the market share of the Super E10 climate-friendly fuel in Germany is currently 12.6%, compared to 40% in France.

The EU-wide survey with 11,283 respondents was commissioned by the European renewable ethanol association (ePURE). Releasing the results in late January, ePURE said that they contradict the European Commission’s proposal to cut the use of conventional biofuels such as ethanol.


Provided by SeeNews exclusively for Essentica.