A roll-out of E10, a fuel composed of 90% petrol and 10% bioethanol, will be needed to help the UK meet its 2020 renewable energy targets, according to a new report by MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Committee.

Currently the biofuel blends used in UK transport are E5 (95% petrol, 5% bioethanol) and B7 (93% diesel, 7% biodiesel). The report calls on the government to start preparing for an E10 introduction, including a public information campaign to explain which vehicles cannot use E10. While E5 is compatible with all cars, some 9% of registered petrol cars, mostly older vehicles, are incompatible with E10.

The MPs note that E10 has been rolled out in the US, Brazil, France, Germany and Finland.

The report warns that on its current course, the UK will fail to meet its target of sourcing 15% of its energy, including 10% of its transport fuel, from renewables by 2020. The share of renewables in transport in fact fell to 4.23% last year from 4.93% in 2014.

The MPs say the minimum quota for the percentage of biofuel sales by major transport-fuel suppliers should be raised without delay.


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