Oleksiy Pavlenko, Ukraine’s minister of agrarian policy and food, believes that bioethanol production should be one of the key areas for development in the country in 2016.
In an official statement for news agency Agravery, the minister said that Ukraine has good prospects for the production of bioethanol and that the agricultural sector is an inexhaustible source for it. “For example, the processing of 10 million tons of corn may produce more than 4 million tons of bioethanol,” Pavlenko notes.   
The development of biogas and bioethanol production in the country, however, requires more supportive legislation. Pavlenko said that his ministry has been actively involved in the preparation of several bills, including for the simplification of the licensing regime for biogas and liquid biofuels production, and for the implementation of joint projects for the production and export of bioethanol raw materials and biofuels. 
Serhiy Savchuk, head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, in 2015 presented a plan for the replacement of 10 billion cu m of gas by realising the country’s bioenergy potential. The total investment is estimated at EUR 17 billion for new plants for pellets and biofuel boilers, production of second generation bioethanol, and energy crops cultivation.
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