European ethanol industry group ePURE last week said its members produced 5.84 billion litres of renewable ethanol in 2017, working at 85% of their installed capacity. This is up from 5.2 billion litres of ethanol produced in 2016, when the plants of ePURE members operated at 82%.

Importantly, European ethanol has continued to improve the greenhouse gas savings it achieves against petrol, reaching an average of more than 70% in 2017, up by more than 4 percentage points over 2016.

Of the 2017 ethanol production, 81% was for fuel use, 10% for industrial use and 9% for food and beverages.

Last year, the ePURE members also produced 5.71 million tonnes of co-products, including 4.32 million tonnes of animal feed.


Provided by Renewables Now exclusively for Essentica.