Cyprus researchers have looked into the possibility of using wheat-based dried distillers’ grains with solubles (DDGS) to supplement the diet of sheep by studying its effect on milk. 

The study concluded that wheat DDGS can replace part of the concentrate component of the animals’ feed without negatively impacting milk production. In fact, this improved the fatty acid (FA) profile of ewe milk. 

As part of the research, 45 Chios ewes were fed on diets containing 0%, 6% and 12% DDGS. Different milk characteristics were tracked over a period of five weeks and the results showed no significant differences among groups in terms of milk yield or protein yield. While there was some decrease in the milk fat percentage in the 12% group, the daily output of fat was not significantly affected. A positive effect was an increase in the levels of unsaturated FA that are considered beneficial for human health in milk and possibly related dairy products. 

The study was published online in 2021 by Cambridge University Press.