Modern and productive farming is unthinkable without the appropriate approach in animal nutrition. Supplements to the daily feed ration are not a luxury, but a necessity. Distillery dried residue (also known as DDGS) from the production cycle of ethanol, produced by Essentica, is Bulgarian clean byproduct without GMOs, which successfully replaced the expensive and not so effective sunflower and soybean meal.
DDGS is rich in protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. It is used as feed additive for growing cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry and fish. Experts from Essentica, together with leading breeders recommend feeding rations of different types of animals, such as:
o Grower ration for cattle - 50%
o Finish ration for cattle - 10-20%
o Dairy cows - grower - 10-40 %
o Dairy cows - finisher - 10-40 %
It is recommended to include up to 50% of DDGS in the menu, as follows:
o Piglets (over 6.5 kg) - 25%
o Pigs in grower / final cultivation period - 20%
o Lactating swine mothers - 30%
o Pregnant swine mothers - 50%
Including DDGS is recommended up to 20% in the menu, as follows:
o Broilers (chickens) - 5-10%
o Laying hens - 15%
o Turkeys (female) - 10%
o Turkeys (male) - 20%
Breeders can use DDGS as a major nourishing component. It can replace completely soybean meal for ruminant animals. A rising number of farmers report for 30% increased milk yield of cows fed with DDGS.