The European association of ethanol producers - ePURE, presented their annual report for the state of the industry, which shows that despite the difficulties in 2014, there are optimistic indicators for positive growth development in 2015. 
„Last year was difficult for European ethanol production industry. We had a situation where prices on the domestic market had fallen with 30 percent. The negative trend is due to the uncertainty of the European biofuel policy. But the prospects seem positive now. This report shows that the European renewable ethanol is a great success for Europe, but can contribute even more with the right political conditions" states Robert Wright, Secretary General of ePURE.
According to ePURE, Europe has produced 6.6 billion liters (1.74 billion gallons of ethanol) last year, with more than 13% of 2013. The capacity was 7.8 billion liters, with a utilization rate of 85%. Europe consumes more ethanol than it was produced, with an initial estimated 7.7 billion liters in 2014. Approximately 600 million liters of ethanol were imported, which is less than 10% of the total consumption. The quantity of imports, 78% of them came from countries with duty-free access to the European market, and 22% of imported ethanol had paid duties. The majority, 85%, ethanol is used as fuel, 7% is used in industrial activities, and 7% in food and beverages.
Regarding the use of raw materials, the report states that the European ethanol industry has processed 10.5 million metric tons of grain, or about 2 % of the supply of grain in the EU, with 2.2 million metric tons out of quota sugar or 8% of the EU sugar supplies. Corn is the most used raw material with a share of around 42 %, followed by wheat at the rate of 33 %, sugar beet with18% and other grains with 7%. The industry produces approximately 5.2 million metric tons of integrated products, 63% of which are rich in protein, GMO-free feed.