Tell us more about your position in the company and the responsibilities of your department?
I have been working  for Essentica since 2002.At the moment I occupy the role of Chief engineer and I manage the technical department of the company. I am responsible for three main departments, which are lead by  the chief power engineer, chief mechanic and chief KIP specialist.  I am also responsible for managing electricians and  fire benders , mechanics, service workers.  This is the team, which is involved in the factory’s building.
Our department participates actively in the implementation of the new factory investments , design, construction, approval and  operation. We are proud of the fact that the production capacity of Essentica in no way inferior to the best examples in Western Europe and America. In many ways we even surpass them.

What is more, here in Essentica  take pride in our parks, gardens and other social benefits for the employees.

From your experience, what distinguishes Essentica from others like it?
If I have to define what distinguishes Essentica from others – it would definitely be the team and the organization. For example, in Eastern Europe it is a common practice to use external suppliers, who are responsible for the normal functioning of the production.
In our company, we have our own team, which knows its way around the technology we use.  The team can react at every given moment if a technical or other problem  occurs. In the Eastern European countries, they even use external providers for the yearly repairs and the factory does not usually have a complete team,  but rather only one person. We use external companies only when we have to build a new installation or construction.
A lot of the employees are new and they  brought the wind of change with them,. However, the old specialists in the factory are also of great value, as they carry the experience and knowledge of many years in the field. It is important to us that we have established a tradition of creating our own specialist, trained to work with our own specific equipment.
What is the technology at Essentica?
The technology in the factory is developed by the leading Austrian consulting company Fogelbusch. Despite the fact that the production process is designed in Austria, on a local level our technologists have participated actively in the design of the production and have written the technology, so that we can get the best quality from the local raw materials we work with.
Essentica has an outstandingly developed technical department, which allows us  to constantly improve the production. The whole process is digital, we are tracking every cycle and process constantly. In this way we can  prevent any  problems that   might occur during the production process.
Also, in the production technologies we put great stress on awareness and communication. For example, we have a supervisor, who is hired especially to examine what has happened with failures or repair activities. His responsibility is to control every element, that is placed,
Finally, what makes our product impeccable is the strict control over the production process and health and safety regulations.