Estonia has put off the introduction of its proposed biofuel mandate by one year, to May 2018, while keeping the goal of at least 10% biofuel in fuel consumption by 2020.

From May next year the mandate will require gasoline and diesel to contain at least 3.1%-3.3% biofuel. This will increase to 6.4% from April 2019.

The decision to delay the mandate was made by the Economic Commission after a meeting with stakeholders, the country’s parliament announced on its website in March.

The European renewable ethanol association (ePURE) said in a blog post that the news is of concern as Estonia is bottom of the chart in terms of reaching the EU’s target for 10% renewables in transport by 2020. According to recent Eurostat data, the country had only 0.4% of energy from renewables in transport in 2015.


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