14.3 billion gallons is the ethanol production in the US for 2014, stated a report by the Renewable Fuels Association. This is almost 58% of total world production of ethanol. Next in the ranking is Brazil (25 % of world production), which has produced 6190 million gallons.
The European Union occupies the third position with 6% of total production, which amounted to 1 445 million gallons.
Other major ethanol producers are also China, Canada, Thailand, Argentina and India.
US represent the largest exporter. The bulk of their exports has pursued to Canada. Among the biggest exports are ranked also Brazil, United Arab Emirates, the Philippines and Mexico.
Although tax burdens from the European Union, over 50 million gallons of ethanol have been imported into Europe by US manufacturers, further reports the statistics.
Unsurprisingly, US companies are the largest producers and exporters also for pelleted feed.
The trend is US companies to become more aggressive on foreign markets, given the pace of domestic consumption of ethanol is slower compared with the construction of new facilities, also states the report.
Country:                    ethanol production in million gallons
United States                        14,300
Brazil                                        6,190 
Europe                                     1,445 
China                                         635 
Canada                                      510 
Thailand                                    310 
Argentina                                  160 
India                                           155 
Rest of World                            865

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