The nutritional value of corn distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) used in feed production can now be tested quickly and reliably with a new analytical service by Evonik.

Last week the German-based specialty chemicals company presented the AMINORED 2.0 test for corn DDGS quality evaluation at raw material reception. One of its key capabilities is that it can reveal the degree of over-processing in DDGS. The accuracy has been proved by validations with independent samples.

Ingolf Reimann, Head of Analytical Services, Animal Nutrition, explained that over-processing lowers the nutritional value of DDGS because the amino acids are destroyed and amino acid digestibility is lowered. “Deeper understanding of DDGS and a precise evaluation of its quality allows a more accurate feed formulation and thus a more consistent livestock performance over time,” he said.

AMINORED 2.0 allows separate calibrations for ground and unground material.

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