The company of UPM and the Finnish branch of WWF has united for the initiative to create a study on the impact of the wood on biofuel targets for reducing carbon emissions, in order to promote the wood-based biofuel in Finland. The goal of both organizations is to contribute to the creation of RSB certification, which will assist  in promoting innovative biofuel as a reliable energy source. RSB standard is approved by the European Commission as meeting the requirements of the European Directive on renewable energy.

Finland aims to go beyond EU targets for energy from renewable sources by 10 % above the European target of 10%. Nearly one quarter of biofuels will be produced by UPM BioVerno - the world's first biorefinery that manufactures wood-based biofuel for completing  the Finnish program of sustainable development. Wood-based biofuels will allow reductions in transport emissions of greenhouse gases by up to 80 % compared to fossil fuels.

"The certification of biofuels in the EU’s framework of sustainable development and participation in organizations such as ePURE and RSB are ways to affirm our responsibility in the production of bioethanol and contributing to the environmental objectives of Europe 2020",  commented Poliksenia Peikova, Head of "Quality control " at Essentica. "It is a great privilege to be part of  an industry developing towards technological advance, where we have the chance to offer new generation of biofuels ."